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One Quote, Or two?

To ‘, or not to ‘

One would think by the time I got to my sixth book and my fifth novel I would have the basics of punctuation down.

Alas, this is not to be.

As I was working through the feedback from my beta readers, one of them questioned my use of single quotation marks to indicate a silent thought.

‘That’s the way I’ve always done it,’ I thought.

Well it turns out that using single quotes for thought is not acceptable according to those in charge of such things.

I learned I should use full quotation marks (as if it had been spoken aloud). "That could be confusing", I thought.

I looked or another option. I dug a little deeper and found another way to indicate silent thought.

Eureka! I found it!  I shouted to myself.

It seems that it is perfectly fine to use italics to show what a character is thinking.

Now back to editing Whiteout! And Other Stories (italics used here to indicate a title, not a thought). I need to find every silent thought and update the format. Global search here I come.

Drat! I hate when that happens!

The work continues.

Thank you, beta-readers,  for pointing out my mistakes. I take all to heart and could not do this without you.

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