After a 21 year career in the Navy, Richard returned home to his native state of New Jersey.  He followed his passion for the open waters and started a second career in the marine parts business. The dense population of New Jersey and its high cost of living encouraged Richard and his wife, Cheryl, to find a peaceful, friendly environment for his second retirement. Richard and Cheryl, now happily reside in Spink County, South Dakota.

Richard portrays his love for South Dakota and appreciation of its people through his third career as the author of his six books centering around the fictional town of Helen, South Dakota. All his novels and stories tell the story of middle America and the rural lifestyle.


Over the years I have been blogging and writing articles for local publications. I wanted to do more. I wanted to write about where I live now from the perspective of someone like me, an outsider.
Allow me to introduce to you the town of Helen, South Dakota. The place is purely fictional. It is a creation of my mind. that I use to show what middle America is and why people are attracted to a less chaotic lifestyle.
I hope you enjoy reading the Flyover County series as much as I enjoy writing it.. I hope you get a laugh or two from my outside perspective while I tell the story of Helen, SD.