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Helen, SD

Stories of Rural America




Flyover County was my first novel.  It is also the anchor novel for all my books. Flyover County is an imaginary county in South Dakota.  It is the location of Helen, SD. An imaginary small town in middle America. 


Helen, South Dakota is a small town even by Midwestern standards. With its population of just under three hundred fifty souls, Helen does not stand out as anything special. Other than the fact that it is a small town of only three hundred fifty residents.
Helen has two churches, two taverns, a café, an auto repair shop, a hair salon, a Post Office and the Quick Stop gas station up on the highway. There are other small businesses in town, the mayor owns and operates a small engine repair shop and his brother has a well service. Like many Midwestern towns, there is a grain elevator nearby.
But it is not the layout of the streets or the number of business that makes up Helen, SD, it's the people. The lives of these three hundred fifty people have intertwined and merged through the course of years. The vast majority went to Helen Elementary School and then Helen High. They attended the Helen United Church or St. James Catholic Church. They have a common history, a history that includes pioneers, Conestoga wagons, sod huts, and railroad whistle stops. These children of rugged settlers have been told stories of severe conditions and major hardships. The past has ingrained a special set of values into the fiber of these descendants. It has fixed in their character a work ethic unmatched by children from other areas of the country.

The Flyover County series tells the tale of small-town America.  I hope you will take a few moments to look at the previews.  Click the Preview button to see a sample.


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The people of Helen, SD, who they are and who you will meet:


Tom Ogden was the first Eastern transplant to Helen, SD.  He and his wife moved from a suburban Baltimore, Maryland town to a farm outside of Helen. In The Tom and Sarah - The Beginning you will see what brought them to the High Plains.


In Flyover County you will meet Bill and June Weber.  They moved to Helen, South Dakota from the east coast and are still adjusting to the rural way of looking at things.

In the series you will meet several interesting characters.

You’ll meet Julie Sorenson, Bill and June’s next-door neighbor with a dark secret (revealed in The Fred Weber Story).  You will also meet Bill’s brother Fred.  He is a Navy Chief and has life-changing decisions on the horizon.

In the Frank Stanbauer Story you will walk through the life of Frank Stanbauer.  Frank is a man ninety-six years young and full of memories. Frank gives you a look at life from the “Dirty Thirties” through “The Jet Age”.  Sit with him as he plays out the movie of his life in his mind. Pull up a chair, he won’t mind.


In River Of Destiny, Justin and Natalie are recently graduated high school sweethearts starting out as young adults.  They are in love with each other, they are in love with their goals, Unfortunately the two don’t mix.

Throughout the whole series, there are several minor characters that are woven into the tapestry of this town in Rural America.  I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy writing about them.


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