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Oh the nuts and bolts of self publishing...

As I go through the proof copy pages of my two new books, I see I have made the same mistake several times.

Instead of “Pass me the salt,” she said. I will type a period where the comma should be. “Pass me the salt.” She said. Or worse: “Pass me the salt.” She said.

I am glad for global find and replace. I can fix these in one or two hours. I simply have to tab through everyplace I have .” and decide if it is right.

Tedium? I suppose. I think of it as the price I pay to put out a good product.

I have already done a global replace of two spaces at the end of a sentence (old-school) with one space after the end of a sentence (modern style).

To my proofreaders: As you review your Galley Proof, if you find one of these errors, please mark it so I can check it. After all, the last guy how was perfect got out of here about two thousand years ago.

Look to see “Whiteout and Other Stories” first, followed closely behind by “Justin and Natalie. I expect both to be out this summer.


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