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Lights, camera, take a breath, go!

Well, it was not all that exciting. But it was my first time in a professional studio and in front of a high-end video camera.

How did I get here? As usual, there is a story. The story goes back three summers ago when I attended an event called a Symposium on Small Towns at the University of Morris n Morris Minnesota. This is a bi-annual event hosted by The Center for Small Towns.

While I was there, I met several people who were concerned about the small towns of the Midwest. Many people still have the opinion that our small towns are shrinking and blowing away with the prairie winds. This symposium served to dispel those fears and preconceived notions. Small towns are, in fact, growing throughout middle America.

But that is a topic for another day. Back to the story:

During one meeting I found myself seated next to a well-dressed gentleman. We struck up a conversation before and after the meeting. We compared notes about small towns and rural living. We talked about our lives in general and after a time we exchanged business cards. When I looked at the card I found I was talking to the General Manager of Pioneer Public Broadcasting for the State of Minnesota. Les Heen is a great guy, we had a good long visit walking between the different buildings on the U of M campus.

Fast forward to about a month ago. I got an email from a young lady who is a Producer at Pioneer TV. She told me she was going to interview local authors as a new feature for their TV show, Compass. She wondered if I was interested.

Well, of course I was interested! I love middle America and will always take the opportunity to talk about it. Besides, I get the chance to plug my latest novel, The Frank Stanbauer Story. I don’t see a downside.

Well, yesterday was the day for the video. My wife and I drove over to Appleton, MN and met with Laura Kay Prosser. Laura is a consummate professional. She deals with armatures like me on a daily basis and knows exactly how to set a person at ease. Thanks to her, the session went great. There was a time when I was simply talking to her and not even aware of the camera. Not many people can do that for a guest. Laura Kay is one of the best.

So, to all who can get Pioneer Television, tune in in January to watch me not make a fool of myself for posterity. For the rest, watch this blog early next year for the video.

Thank you, Les Heen for the opportunity and thank you, Laura Kay Prosser for making it fun.

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